Sunday, July 6, 2008

clash of the titans

John McEnroe-"the greatest match I've ever seen."

Bud Collins-"This was the heavyweight championship in the world of tennis - a singular match in Wimbledon’s history. I have covered 41 finals, including the classics of 1980 and 1981 with Borg and McEnroe, but this 4 hour, 48 minute final is No. 1.”

sports does not get better than this. if you missed it, ESPN Classic is rebroadcasting it on Monday at 7 PM and presumably at least a few times more this summer.

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Jesse said...

I totally agree with the contention that a sport event could not own more drama, high level athleticism, nor gratifying denouement than today's Federer/Nadal match. Even the aleatory dramatic element the weather added, the gathering dark threatening to postpone the match yet again, was something.
Nadal's repeated props for his opponent were genuine, and touching. Nice he ended not only Federer's awesome reign on the grass court, but also won both the French & Wimbledon in the same year, 28 years since that last occurred.
The 22 year old is a stud, and deserves much praise for the discipline that made his second serve such a weapon.
Biggest fun I have had via a sports event in some time.